Smiling Dog Farms is not associated in any way with Smiling Dog Rescue in Tucson, AZ
A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation                                                                                                          Smiling Dog Farms is Absolutely, Unequivocally NO-KILL!!!
A Warm Welcome from All of Us . . .
Smiling Dog Farms is a Sanctuary, not a traditional rescue. Our dogs come from shelters, rescues and private parties all across America. They may be deemed "unadoptable" because they have bitten someone, have medical issues, have other behavioral challenges, have grown old, have become a burden or have just run out of time at a shelter. If a dog is breathing, he qualifies to come live here!  We provide a permanent home for truly "unadoptable" dogs - dogs that are out of options and are facing certain death. We are a "Last Resort" for these dogs that have nowhere else to go. These dogs are allowed to live out their lives in safety and peace here at the farm. Please review our Intake Procedure and our FAQs if you are thinking about sending a dog here. We rely on your donations to continue helping dogs. Our funding comes 100% from individuals who want to help us help dogs. We provide a permanent home for dogs that have no one else to speak for them, and whose only other option is euthanasia. We can only do this because of the continued generosity of our contributors who believe as we do, that every dog deserves the right to life. We also provide the opportunity for adoptable dogs to find their forever homes. Our New Directions Adoption Program finds families for dogs. Many of the dogs that come here have the potential to be successfully adopted. We work with Adoption Partners who carefully screen possible adopters and supervise the placements. Shelter dogs that have not been chosen by adopting families are often euthanized to make room for new arrivals. If no other rescue can help these dogs, they are welcome at Smiling Dog Farms and are placed into our Adoption Program. You can make a difference as a Smiling Dog Partner.  Your monthly donation will let us keep helping the dogs who have been given up on by others!  100% of your tax deductible donations goes directly to helping these dogs. Please click on our “Ways to Help” tab above to learn how you can make a dog smile.
Smiling Dog Farms P.O. Box 743     Wharton, TX 77488 Giving hope to the forgotten, neglected & rejected
Dinah & Austin say, We Are Looking for More Adoption Partners! "We've seen some of our lucky friends find families, but we're still waiting. Ricky and Jay say we need more Adoption Partners to help dogs like us find our families. If we could get 20 new Adoption Partners, we could increase our adoptions BY TENFOLD! If you or your group can commit to place even ONE dog per month, please email Jay   or call him at 979-559-1062. We need your help!"
WE NEED MORE MONTHLY SPONSORS ! Ed Lelek says, “I’m one of the lucky guys around here. My family brought me all the way from Michigan to live at the farm and they sponsor me EVERY MONTH ... and they send treats for me too! But a lot of the dogs here have no sponsors. People promise to cover their costs, but once the dogs get here people sometimes just seem to forget about them. It’s very sad. They still need food and meds and a treat now and then. It costs about $2.67 a day to care for one dog. That’s $80 a month! Just 8 people signed up to send $10 a month would take care of one dog that has no one to sponsor it. PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING A SPONSOR TODAY ! Check our Sanctuary and Adoptable dogs pages to see which dog appeals to you.
There are a great number of items we can really use that are on our Wish List. Simply click on the yellow sign to view them all.
Become a Pantry Partner
At Smiling Dog Farms, we keep all our animals happy and smiling with full tummies! Make a dog smile by donating whatever you can spare .
Other Ways You Can Help Pantry YOU Can Help! There’s no such thing as a gift too small!  We have all heard that before,  and there is a reason:  because it’s completely true! Even a monthly gift of $10 helps greatly  to support one of these dogs. Home Our Dogs Ways to Help Our Friends News & Events Information Sponsor Heartworm Treatments for a Dog Medicine is only $80 for the 6 month holistic treatment we do for HW positive dogs. Please consider helping us pay for a round of  treatments for one of our dogs.
Our problem is simple enough: We have more dogs than we have sponsors to pay for them! Individuals and Rescues have sent us dogs, promising to pay for their care. Many have been faithful, and do just as they promised. But some just walk away! They don't help raise the cost of care! They don’t fulfill their promises to us! They leave their dogs, and they leave us holding the bag! Because of this, we run about $3,000 behind Every Month! We must raise funds to make up that difference!  If just 38 unfunded dogs had sponsors, we would never need to fundraise again! Our End of Year Fundraiser raised over $20,000 in each of the past few years. That caught us up for the fourth quarter, and covered us for the first few months of the next year. But then the economy took a down turn and our friends weren’t able to contribute as much as they had in past years. So at the end of 2013 we were not completely caught up for the fourth quarter, and do not have the first few  months covered as in years past. This year we are hoping that our economy improves so we will be able to sign up more sponsors than ever before! Then we won't need as many fundraisers throughout the year ahead. All donations are fully tax deductible!
There are so many other ways you can help the dogs at Smiling Dog Farms. You can arrange for matching donations from your employer. You can make donations in honor of special occasions or people.  You can even contribute by signing up to sponsor us when you shop online. Please visit our Make a Donation page for more information about giving opportunities. Or take a look at our Wish List for more ideas. Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference in the life of a dog.
Please post us on Facebook and ask your friends and family to help!
A Sad Ending to 2013...
Alma, our beloved Cow Girl November, 2005 - December, 2013 Eight years is just not enough for a cow’s life. We raised Alma from one day old, bottle feeding her. She would come into our house when she was a baby. We would put her into the back of our station wagon to go to the vet. Many of you who visited the farm fed raisin bread to sweet Alma. We will miss our precious cow girl. Looking at that pasture, without our Alma, will never be the same. Many don’t realize how loving a cow can be. Alma’s eyes were so expressive. and she became visibly excited when she saw us. She was our baby, in so many ways. We can’t imagine life without her.
Make a donation in honor of our sweet Alma
This Is Who We Are
You can read about us and how we got started by clicking HERE Our Core Mission Is Providing Homes for Dogs That Have Nowhere Else to Go We are often a dog’s only hope. We are the rescue that other rescues turn to when a dog is in danger!
In Appreciation of Our Donors of Goods & Services
Please visit our Donors of Goods & Services by clicking on their logos. All have contributed non-monetary items that have helped us help our animals in countless ways.
Tubing and Metric Hydraulics, Inc. We design custom hydraulic hose & tubing assemblies. PETMEDS PetMeds blog has great  information to keep our pets healthy DoneWrightWebDesigns
In Appreciation of Our Friends in Rescue
Annie’s Angels Texas Rescue
Please visit our Friends in Rescue by clicking on their logos. All have done amazing things to help us with our animals and to financially support us when we really needed the help.
Please Donate Please Donate
Magnolia Adopted 2013 Connecticut from this ^ to this > click HERE to read about Magnolia’s incredible transformation
And This Is What We Do
We Need Fosters Here at the farm, our dogs live by dog rules. A little time with a good foster family that can teach our babies how to behave in “polite company” will go a long way to help them successfully settle in with a new family once they’re adopted. If you would be interested in fostering one of our adoptable dogs, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.
IN THE NEWS at Smiling Dog Farms . . .
Other Dogs That Can Be Adopted  Many of the dogs at Smiling Dog Farms are wonderful, adoptable dogs waiting patiently for a home. If you are interested in adopting, just click HERE to begin your search for the perfect companion for you. Sweet Irene Smiling Dog Farms is over capacity and we have closed intake until further notice, without exception. We made the tough decision to close intake so we can focus on the dogs already living here. They are our first obligation.  We need your support to help us do our very best for these dogs who depend on us. We need your help in moving our adoptable dogs on to families of their own.  Please rally behind us and our dogs in our time of need!
Helen says, “Jay wants me to THANK YOU ALL for your kind words and generous donations. You have come through for us dogs once again - as you always do - and we cannot adequately express our gratitude! Jay is still replying to all the emails, and promises to answer each and every one of them! Thank You * Thank You * Thank You
Now we need your help again, but this time we are not asking for money! Can you help us find homes for our adoptable dogs? We MUST place these dogs. They deserve homes and families of their own. We cannot emphasize enough how critical it is for us to move out these beautiful dogs. Please email Jay if you can adopt or foster a dog or help us get these beautiful dogs placed into their forever homes.
Virginia and Her Puppies Virginia is a beautiful hound mix that came to us very pregnant from BARC. She is about 4 years old, very sweet, very friendly to other dogs and with people. Soon after she arrived at the farm, she had 8 beautiful puppies, born the second week of May 2014. Virginia and all her puppies are available for adoption. If you are interested in adopting this sweet girl or any of her puppies, please contact us at  for more information.
#1 - male
#3 - male
#5 - male
#6 - male
#7 - male
#2 - female
#8 - female
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